There’s a Better You Waiting to Come Alive

Are these things familiar to you?

The thought of talking before a group leads to sweaty palms…or panic!

Promoting your business means butterflies in the stomach…

You end up sleepless the night before a big speech…

You don’t have to be born with charisma and the gift of making a great first impression. It can be learned — especially if you’re learning from one of the nation’s best communications coaches.

Don’t let your lack of public speaking skills keep you from the success you deserve! When you improve your word choices and body language, you’ll improve how the world sees you. Joan offers a variety of coaching and training options to fit your schedule and budget, including group and private coaching.

Joan is a national expert at Confidence Coaching for Women in Business, helping them hone their own skills and talents.

From what you say, to the voice, facial expressions and gestures you use, Joan will teach you the keys to unlock your confidence and charisma!

Choose the best course for you, or let Joan customize a coaching plan for you, your department or group.

On-Demand Speech Coaching

Do you have an important meeting, pitch or presentation coming up? A private coaching session is made for you. In one, two or three coordinated sessions, you’ll master:

  • Getting over stage fright
  • Organizing your speech to deliver the most impact
  • Selecting just the right power words
  • Planning your staging, gestures, and delivery
  • Fine-tuning your opening and closing pitch to convert more prospects into sales

Working together, we’ll practice and refine your presentation so you feel confident, powerful and natural.

Pricing: Just $297/single session (up to 2 hours)/ $597 for 3-session package

Confidence & Charisma

Some people just have it. But guess what? You can get it, too! In just three sessions, you can learn what charisma is and get it for yourself, no matter what the situation. You’ll learn the inside secrets on how to use your words, voice, and body to easily attract others to you. And once learned, it will benefit you for a lifetime.

First, you’ll be guided to craft an intriguing introduction that attracts clients and referrals to you like a magnet. Then, you’ll learn how to stand out with your own custom “commercial” designed to get you visibility and credibility at networking events and in front of prospects. Finally, you’ll create and confidently deliver a CEO-level 5- to 10-minute presentation promoting you and your business. If you are an introvert struggling to land more clients and referrals, “Creating Charisma” is the program for you.

Pricing: $597 for 3 sessions.

Shameless Self-Promotion

The most comprehensive course in presentation skills, delivery, charisma and promotion, this 3-month program can put your life and business on a whole new positive and profitable course.

Get the skills and tools you need to smoothly, comfortably, and effectively deliver a 30-minute presentation promoting yourself and your business. Hundreds of groups—in your local area and around the country—are looking for speakers like you with valuable and interesting information to share in a fun, entertaining format. Why not be that speaker, and get more business in the process?

Learn to fearlessly promote your business in a soft-sell “infomercial” that is laser-targeted to reveal key benefits for your prospects. You’ll experience the enormous boost in self-confidence that comes from knowing your presentation is great, and that it gets results!

Pricing: $2197, includes one free follow-up session.

The Loving Ear

Joan’s lifelong dream has been to be known as the best listener in the world. When you talk into the amazing “Loving Ear,” and experience the open, nonjudgmental space that is created, at last, you’ll finally be able to hear yourself clearly. Like life, no guarantees. This is not therapy: it is OUTRAGEOUS listening by a dedicated communication specialist. Hard to believe? Just try it for yourself. If interested, e-mail to, and she will contact you with details of how to best prepare for your first call.

Pricing: $2/min, (20-minutes minimum)

Video Evaluations

This is a very efficient coaching option for you. This one is especially for you if you are in sales. Already meeting with clients and making presentations on a regular basis? Just ask for their permission to record your session. They don’t even have to be on camera, just you. Once recorded, e-mail to, and she will call you with a customized, professional evaluation that will help you improve and meet the goals you have set for yourself, whether it’s a greater level of income, or just being more comfortable in front of your staff at work.

Get a “Reality Check” from Joan Janis, the Communication Specialist. What are your objectives? Did you meet them? Is your message marketable? Is it clear? Could it be organized better? What is your offer? Is it compelling? Does it even make sense? How is your delivery? Could it be improved? Is it designed to attract clients? Is it designed to get you the job? Are you emphasizing your strengths? Let’s make sure that every time you stand up to speak, you consistently meet your business and/or personal goals, and delight your audience.

Pricing: $149 for 1-min up to 1-hour video

Job Interview Practice

The most brilliant way for you to ACE the interview is to practice your skills with Joan Janis. She will “drill” you with both interpersonal and industry-specific questions so you’ll be smooth, prepared, and confident when your opportunity comes.

Don’t blow it. It might be your best chance. Why are you the best person for the job? Why should they hire you? Are your answers convincing? Do you come across as someone with integrity? Do you know how to present yourself as a winner? If your interviewing skills are a little rusty, practice interviewing with Joan Janis, and increase your chances by thousands of percent that you’ll get the job you really want. Serious inquiries only.

Pricing: $249 for a single 2-hr session, or two 1-hr sessions, your choice


Joan Janis - Communication Specialist
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