Does Your Fear of Speaking in Public
Get in the Way of Your Big Success?


Does the thought of speaking in front of a group terrify you?
Do you feel “pushy” or uncomfortable when promoting your business?

Ever get tongue-tied when introducing yourself and your company to strangers?

Does your fear of speaking limit your career? Your income? Your life?

What if you were confident, persuasive and successful every time you stood up and delivered a speech?

What if you were consistently passing up your competition by delivering your unique message through powerful, polished, professional presentations?

Think you can’t? You can with a few simple skills! Joan Janis is a dynamic, entertaining speaker and masterful, inspiring communications coach. She’ll take all the mystery out of designing a great presentation, and teach you how to feel calm, confident and in control…whenever you need to speak in public.

Joan overcame a childhood speech impediment to become a nationally respected professional speaker and radio personality. Now you can benefit from her 20 years of training and speaking to all kinds of organizations, to transform your own speaking ability.

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Joan Janis - Communication Specialist

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